Monday, January 31, 2011

Bento Boxes

I love bento boxes. Some ladies (and guys I'm sure) really get creative with preparing bento box lunches.
Maybe someday I'll create beautiful lunches like these for my kids...or just for me. ;-)


Jenn said...

SO sweet, Kristel. I love looking through Bento boxes, so much fun. You are going to be the CUTEST mommy ever. :)

Lauren V. said...

Those are cute, but I confess, I have no idea what a bento box is. I think I thought they were boxes of sushi...Apparently not. What's the definition? A cute lunch?? Speaking of cute foods, I saw this and thought you'd enjoy it (heck, you may have been the one I first post about it!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen that! What an awesome husband.

Bento boxes are really just small boxes that contain an entire meal. And you can get creative with it and those are called character bento.
A lot of people are Americanizing this Japanese tradition and making cute lunches for their kids using sandwiches, fruit, etc. I love it.

krista said...

I used to make mini pancakes with faces for you.