My name is Kristel and I'm not very good at this 'about me' stuff, but here we go...
I grew up in Miami, FL but my family is originally from Nicaragua. I had a pretty great life in Miami for 23 years. There's no place like it. The food, the culture, the Latin flavor...it's a unique town. 

married the most wonderful creative man on May 31, 2008. After a whirlwind honeymoon in Europe we packed up our things and moved to North Carolina. I attended Southeastern Seminary and graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. We felt the itch to move once again and landed in Denver, CO to help start up the Summit Church. We have an adorable schnauzer named Jaxon and on August 5th, 2011 our handsome baby boy, Liam, was born. He is our shining star.

I love... red velvet cupcakes, tattoos, music, photography, going to concerts, sushi, vintage cameras, autumn weather, sunshine, laying in bed on a rainy day, my sweet and hilarious friends, painting, blogging, owls, my amazing family, bright colors, watching my husband play guitar, shopping, reading, movies, cuddling with my boys, and so much more. Life is beautiful.

But the most important thing you need to know about me is that I have a wonderful Savior. I have been brought to life through the saving work of Christ. He loves me and He loves you too. When I think about the gospel and all of the implications that goes along with that...well, I am astounded. So now my prayer is to make I Corinthians 10:31 true in my life.
"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

Thanks for stopping by the blog.