Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I didn't vote in the Florida primary.


The truth is I'm not very schooled in politics. I don't know anything about the issues...or the candidates...I'm not even sure what I really believe in. Besides that I'm a registered independent (I refuse to be pigeonholed!), so I wouldn't be able to vote for the presidential candidate. (Yes, I know I could have voted on some other items...but what do I know?!) 

I've decided that I would like to know more and I should be more educated. Afterall, running the country is a big deal. I should be informed at least on what the issues are and where everybody stands. 

So I took the first step with this silly internet quiz. (lol)
I know it doesn't really mean anything, but I thought it was interesting. 

Who You Should Vote For

John McCain: 53%
Barack Obama: 47%
Ron Paul: 47%
Mike Huckabee: 33%
Hillary Clinton: 27%
Mitt Romney: 13%

Who you agree with on the war in Iraq: Ron Paul

Who you agree with on the economy: Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Ron Paul

Who you agree with on health care: Barack Obama

Who you agree with on taxes: Mike Huckabee

Who you agree with on abortion: Ron Paul

Who you agree with on gay rights: Ron Paul and John McCain


Merari said...

lol yay! you took my quiz!

I love those random silly blog quizzes.

you should definately get some "schooling" on politics... it's not the most fun, but it's important.

Rey De Armas said...

That quiz left me with three people to vote for...

1. Ron Paul
2. Mike Huckabee
3. Barak Obama

How in the world did Huckabee make it in? I know I'm a Dem (hence Obama), and I know I'm against the war and taxes (hence Paul)...but huckabee! EW

alexita said...

yay! ron paul!!!!

Anne Marie said...

fun quiz!
I got:
1. McCain
2. Huckabee
3. Ron Paul

Jescel said...

i'm like you Kristel, i'm least interested in politics. but voting is a right we should practice. i don't know much about politics, esp. here in the US yet, but i intend to learn too... the quiz is interesting. if you took that quiz seriously, then maybe at heart you're a republican? but to me, parties don't matter. it's really all about the candidate's platform.