Sunday, January 27, 2008

10 Interesting People in New York

In December of 2005 I took my very first trip to New York City.
I made the trip with David Uribe and Angel Acevedo...and it was a blast. 

We took so many photos and silly videos. We walked all over the city in the three days we were there and saw so many things. At the time we had an idea to put all those videos together and make one long hilarious video. What can I say? I never got around to it. (Sorry, guys)

However, as I was organizing my photos today (I won't even BEGIN to tell you how tedious this process is!), I came across the ones from our NY trip and I remembered another little project we had in mind. We wanted to take photos with ten interesting people that we met in NY, so we could remember them.

And so here it is... Ten Interesting People In New York... Maybe David and Angel can fill in the blanks on things I may have forgotten... 

Scary hat lady...I'm not sure that thing was had a face!

Man with a very well-trained dog...and he's darn proud of it!

That man sure had a lot to say...he knew the entire history of NY and then some. Met him outside of a used book store... was it in the Village?

Musicians in the subway.

Introducing...Very Tall Man.

Everyone Loves Santa Claus.

He's kinda cute...that's why David picked him.

Spider Man on web action today...

Sax Player. Central Park?

Giuliani! lol That's all I have to say about that. Very random moment. 


Sketchism said...

Haha. Those were fun times indeed.

That was a funny jab. But I'm pretty sure I picked the ferret hat for its cuteness.

Brigitte said...

lol! this is great! i love the random people. you made my day!

alexita said...

omg!!! this is awesome!!! hahaha

Merari said...

ohhh man, i shoulda done this when i went!

next time. fo sho.

I love that spiderman on wheels! gansta.

Dj Soundwav said...

wow. GOOD TIMES indeed!

I miss those days. We went to NY and our lives were never the same again, specially after the pigeons attacked.

Janell said...

lol this is awesome!!! ha how funny that merari and i just went to giuliani's rally last night it!! ill keep this idea in mind when i travel there or anywhere!