Wednesday, January 09, 2008

on my mind

I've had so many things on my mind lately. 
So many that I can't even talk about it because I wouldn't even know where to begin. 

Last night at Bible study, Pastor Dave was asking us how our life was affected in 2007...and how our experiences would shape 2008. 
Hmm... Well, I mentioned something about how I've always been so spoiled and sheltered and well taken care of. And how in 2007 I was very slowly beginning the process of "growing up." I graduated college, began working full time, got engaged... I'm getting used to the fact that very soon I won't have my grandmother under the same roof with me. I won't be the "baby" anymore. I know I blog about this a lot...but it's all very frightening and it really just consumes my thoughts. 

And so I believe that the work God has started in me in 2007 will be completed in 2008. I don't mean that God will be all finished with me and I will be a perfect spiritual being. FAR from it. What I mean is that in 2007 God began shaping me to become a more independent and responsible person and in 2008 when Alex and I say, "I do," and we make our move...that I will finally be independent (from my parents) and responsible. (Hopefully!) And in growing more independent from my parents, I will become more and more dependent on God. It's a beautiful and scary thing. I believe I have uttered those words before...but again, I can't help it. These thoughts consume me day and night. 

In other news, I quit my job today. Yup. I love my job. I honestly and truly do. And I would stay there, but certain circumstances won't allow it. The 17th of January will be my final day at the Montessori school and the following week I will begin my new job. Details to come later. It was bittersweet informing my boss and my co-workers that I wouldn't continue working there...but I have to do what's best. This is just the first of many changes to occur in 2008. So I better get used to it. 


Alex said...

I can't wait to start that new life with you, I love you.

Merari said...

I'm proud of you, Kristel!

you're growing up ;0)

Sorry to hear about the job. I'm sure the little rug-rats will miss you.

ps.. I just remembered that you had on your myspace about a year ago that some little kid at this school saw a picture of Alex on your phone and he said you were getting marry the bearded guy! or something like that... remember???

That kid can see the future!

Amanda said...

yay for marriage! i really am very excited for you too, with the move and everything (ha, you've kept us all very updated).

oh, to answer your question, dade honors & fiu honors

Brigitte said...

yay for a new life! yay for no job! it's all good ;-)
I'm excited to see what God has for you

Anne Marie said...

what happened to the 'details to come later.' i still am wondering where you work now...