Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Liam the Lion

Alex has taken to calling our sweet little boy Liam the Lion. I guess it just sounded right in his mind and he always refers to him by that nickname. I think it's cute. So I started searching on Etsy for a print that would portray his cute little nickname. I found LittleLion Studio and fell in love with this print. It's perfect for Liam the Lion. We received the print in the mail a couple weeks ago and took it to get framed. We picked it up this weekend and it's now hanging over his crib. I absolutely love it. Just about 15 more weeks until we get to meet this lion!


Megan said...

this is too cute. Liam the Lion, i love it.

Lauren V. said...

What a cute picture! Looking forward to meeting Liam the Lion, too :)

Jessica Girado said...

aw! So cute!
Nicknames are inevitable. While I was preggo, Michael called Emery, Emeranda. lol. And Ella's nickname was and still is Ella Bella or Ella-bo-Bella. :)