Monday, April 25, 2011

Denver Art Museum

I love art! I really do. Both of my parents are very artistic and talented...between the two of them they can draw, paint, sing, play music, write poetry... I am not as talented, hah, but they have definitely passed on their love for the arts to me.

I have been dying to go to the Denver Art Museum since we moved here but had never found the time to go. I saw on their website they were having a special exhibit called Blink, so I really wanted to check it out. I loved the exhibit. It's definitely an acquired taste. Some might argue that what was being presented wasn't really "art," but I disagree. I think it's amazing how creative people can be with different types of media. These artists used technology and pop culture to convey different ideas and messages. I really found it interesting.

We also checked out their exhibit on 'Design after the 1900s.' They showed graphic art, furniture, computers, typewriters, etc etc. It's amazing how far we've come and how much technology and design has progressed. It makes me wonder where we're headed from here. Will Liam laugh at my iPhone for being archaic? Crazy.


mom said...

Love this art!! So creative. I remember when we used to take you and Danibel to museums throughout the world. I could tell that you enjoyed the trips, somehow, even when you were tired. I'm glad you love art, in many different expressions. Art touches special parts of your heart, brain, eyes and brings back memories and events. It's wonderful to be able to enjoy art.

Natalie said...

that exhibit looks awesome, love the pictures! can't wait to go visit the DAM w/ you and Liam :)

Ruby Girl said...

fun!! we just went to the walker art museum in minneapolis with our honeymooners group from church. i have a few pics ill be posting soon too. some of the stuff is just too weird for me, but i can definitely appreciate the artisticness that it takes to create the pieces in there! <3