Monday, September 22, 2008


What I enjoyed about my SparkCon weekend:

  • Seeing my very first fashion runway show
  • Amazing sidewalk chalk art
  • Learning about different types of [nasty] bugs
  • Watching Alex eat chocolate covered ants and fried rice with worms.
  • Seeing all the wonderful things that very talented vendors were selling...clothes, jewelry, photos, art, bags, etc.
  • Live music
  • Watching a lady with a cane get down to the sounds of Bob Marley.
  • Live DJ'ing
  • Graffiti artistry
  • Break dancing
  • Magic/Comedy show
  • Meeting a homeopathic doctor who adopted a baby from Ethiopia
  • Art galleries
  • VW Bugs in all their glory
It was a wonderful event. I'm glad we were able to enjoy it. 
Downtown Raleigh is alive and well. 

(yes, I put "fasion" instead of "fashion." I'm tired...sue me)


Marcy said...

hey, right now the devo that i do is called girlfriends in God [may sound corny] but it is emailed to me every morning. you can find other types that you may like at hope that helps... glad you guys enjoyed yourselves at the art festival thing...

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,
Sorry I didn't call you back the other day. I hope everything is going great. I'm so excited to see you in 7 days!!! Love you lots, Tati