Sunday, September 28, 2008

a new haircut ;-)



Merari said...

I am, I am!

Lauren said...

no fair...its like dangling meat infront of a dog....i wanna see already.

Holly L. said...

okay, there's this joke that every woman gets her hair cut after they get married - I'm dying to see it!

Alex said...

I have seen it all and I say....Oooh Yeaahh!

Anonymous said...

Merari: *wink*

Lauren: I think I might cave and post a picture later today.

Holly: I'm the kinda girl who cuts her hair after/before any major life event, lol. When I started high school, when I graduated high school, after my 21st bday, and now after I got married. It's freeing. ;-)

Alex: Rarr.. lol. <3

Manuel Rios said...

Really nice work.