Wednesday, September 10, 2008

interesting discussion

Don't want to get into it too much on here...but I thought this was an interesting discussion.
Check it out. Share your thoughts.


Rey De Armas said...

It's an interesting discussion, but I think the Bible is pretty clear. I read McLaren's thoughts and the conservative who he was talking about (which happens to be the president of my seminary). I think the Bible does talk about role's in the home and church, however women that doesn't mean that women can lead in the church. I just means that leadership comes in a different capacity. My mom is a leader and teacher in her church, and she believes strongly in what the Bible teaches about women in pastoral leadership. While I do believe that women make fine leaders (i.e. Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Hillary Clinton), I believe that the Bible is clear on roles within the church. Call me crazy.

Rey De Armas said...
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