Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jenny Lewis

I've not yet written about one of my favorite musical artists...Miss Jenny Lewis

I first became aware of Jenny Lewis when a friend introduced me to Rilo Kiley. I fell in love with the music. We even included a Rilo Kiley song on our wedding mix CD that we gave away as favors. 

As time went on I discovered that Jenny Lewis sang on various tracks of the Postal Service record [I'm a huge death cab/postal service fan]. I was intrigued with her voice and style. She has impeccable taste! Her clothes, her hair...she's just too cute. 
And her music has such a wide range. She's folky, country, experimental, poppy, rock-n-roll. I greatly enjoy all her music. 

She recently came out with a solo record entitled "Acid Tongue." I just purchased it ten minutes ago thanks to an iTunes gift card that I won from my favorite photographer. I love it! I highly recommend it. 

So yeah...Jenny Lewis is my favorite. :-)

P.S. Not to mention she starred in one of my favorite movies of all time when she was younger.
[as well as several other movies and tv shows] 


Sketchism said...

Aw shucks. Nothing makes me happier than introduce my friends to great music.

Jenny Lewis is freaking hott. I saw Rilo Kiley perform a few years ago and I felt like I was watching my biggest crush on stage. It basically affirmed it.

I gave her new album a listen just yesterday, good stuff. I'll have to revisit it.

By the way, I'm just discovering the music of Fleet Foxes. Let me know what you think of them. =)

Anne Marie said...

I've got Acid Tongue a couple weeks ago, and really like it. But mostly, like you and Dave, I like Jenny Lewis. lol. Total girl crush.