Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Serve Denver 2011

This week our church has been serving Denver. We have been partnering with various organizations to help this amazing city we live in. There are several different service projects going on with schools, churches, and homeless relief efforts. We even had several churches from North Carolina fly out to help with this week of service. It's been nice having all these people in the city with us and helping out in any way they can. Thanks everyone!

I decided the best way I could help was to document it all with my camera (because at 31 weeks pregnant I'm not very useful when it comes to manual labor). Here are just a few photos from this week.


Krista said...

Que bueno Tita! El servicio a otros mas necesitados nos da mucha felicidad.

Megan Barley said...

these are great pictures! NC and SC churches came! amazing!

Lauren V. said...

Great pictures, amiga! And let's be real: Even without being 31 weeks pregnant, you'd probably rather have a camera than a shovel in your hand, right? :)