Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cloth Diapering

Alex and I made the commitment a while ago to cloth diaper our baby. It's kind of a big investment up front but in the long run we'll end up saving a lot of money. Cloth diapering really isn't as bad as people think it is. Cloth diapers have come a long way since your grandma's day. They're so cute and easy to use. So far we've purchased some BumGenius 4.0's, FuzziBunz, and a few Bummis fitted diapers with Rumparooz covers for when he's teeny tiny. If you're not familiar with cloth diapers that probably sounds like a bunch of gibberish but I think it's a pretty good stash. I've done a LOT of research and I've asked friends who cloth diaper their kids and these seem to be the favorites.

The basic main reasons we want to cloth diaper are because:

  • We will end up saving a lot of money on diapers over the years...considering these diapers last from birth until potty-trained and you can use them on multiple kids.
  • Diaper rashes seem to be a lot less common with cloth vs. disposable.
  • Potty training seems to be easier with cloth vs. disposable because cloth doesn't wick away moisture in the same way and kids learn to associate the feeling of wetness as uncomfortable and will want to use the toilet.
  • They are seriously adorable with all the fun colors and patterns! :-)

Last Sunday Alex and I went to a local baby shop and took a free class on cloth diapering. I'm so glad we went because all the online research in the world doesn't compare to talking with someone face to face about this stuff. There are so many options out there, it can get confusing. Taking this class really cleared up a lot of the confusion for me and I feel really ready now to cloth diaper.

Although we have a good variety of cloth diapers we still need to buy more because we only have a few of each. I hear you need a decent sized stash, at least 30-35 diapers, to not have to be doing round-the-clock washing. We also still need to purchase some wetbags, detergent, and cloth wipes to really be ready. I imagine we'll use disposables sometimes. I'm thinking maybe for the first couple weeks of Liam's life and every once in a while if it's convenient, but I'm determined to cloth diaper practically full-time. And thankfully so is Alex. He's very supportive and I think just as excited as I am about this.

Here are a few online resources I have found very helpful in my research on cloth diapers. Let me know if you have any questions. Granted I haven't started yet, seeing as Liam is still in the womb. I'm sure I'll learn a lot more once he's actually here and we establish a routine and system that works best for us.


Stephanie Wright said...

So, technically, you don't know me. I went to church with Andy at Oak Grove in Y'ville. I also sat in on your yarn wreath "class" at a student wives event at SEBTS.

We have a potty trained (except for #2 which utterly terrifies him) 2.5 year old BOY and I really think it happened so quickly and easily because we cloth diapered. I LOVE cloth diapers! I am sure you have discovered this but, you can cheaply make your own cloth wipes by cutting up a yard or two of flannel. This will also help if Liam ever has a diaper rash from an antibiotic. That was the only time ours had any troubles. You can lay the strips of flannel inside the diaper and the diaper cream will rub off on it and not on the diaper so that you don't develop wicking problems. Enjoy your blog and seeing the pictures! Tell Andy that Travis and Stephanie Wright say HEY! Praying for you guys!

Michelle said...

Hey! I'm so excited that you're going to's great. Unfortunately I've been on CDing hiatus since Lane's had nasty diarrhea while teething and combined with my "everything stinks" pregnancy symptoms, it just hasn't been worth it. I can't wait to get back to using them...I seriously miss it and HATE buying disposables! don't need 30-35 diapers, no way. I guess you might need that many for the first month or two, but...after that there's no way you need that many. We have 27 and can go 3 days between washings and still have leftover diapers (and have been able to for...8-9 months or so).

I'd HIGHLY recommend using disposables for at least a couple of weeks in the beginning, until you get used to changing diapers. And, if your supply is small, maybe using disposables at night (to stretch your supply over two days) to ensure that you won't be dealing with leaks as much when you're trying to get some sleep!

FYI I've heard that Pampers work better for boys, Huggies for girls. I loved Huggies but know LOTS of moms of boys who hated them.

Anonymous said...

Luke loves huggies... I think it depends on your baby's booty shape which is best for him... :) cloth diapering is dope. My only snag s traveling with them. Last time I tried, my car stunk of pee :(

Megan said...

We've absolutely loved cloth diapering Sarah Grace. We've been doing it for 5 months now & we're really comfortable with around 2 dozen diapers. More than that would be too many for us, as we really need to wash every 3rd day to keep the pail from overflowing.

Bumgenius and thristies covers with prefolds have been our favorites. I didn't like the rumparooz cover we bought, but that might just be us. It doesn't fit quite right on Sarah Grace. And it seems to take forever to line dry.

I like fuzzibunz a lot too, just not at night. Kawaii pocket diapers work well for us and are super inexpensive. They aren't quite as nice as the more expensive pockets, but they do the job just fine!

I think you'll love cloth diapering. It's easier that we expected and fun to match cute colors and prints with outfits.

Megan Barley said...

i need you to offer me a free class on cloth diapering so i will know how to help out with baby Liam.....and so i will actually be able to help you and not be asking a ton of questions : )


we mainly used disposables on the road. It is no fiun going out to a restaurant or friend's house and haveign to carry a poop cloth diaper. We did it all around NYC and I guess the stink of the city heled to disguise it, but it was not great if we forgot abotu it for a few days in her stroller or diaper bag!!

You have to change the cloth mor often - as soon as they get wet/dirty since- as you said, they dont pull moisture away like disposables - or else they can get diaper rash. Make sure your family/baby sitters know how to 1) put them on as well and 1) how often to change them.

Awesome choice with cloth!