Friday, June 17, 2011

Jaxon, one year later

It's been about a year since we welcomed Jaxon into our home. In that one year I have fallen in love with this pooch. He really has become such an important part of our family. I often refer to him as our fur baby and that's exactly what he is. He's so lovable and loyal...and his fur is so soft...and he has a great face with that beard. 

Recently we noticed his right eye looking a little weird. He wasn't acting any differently...he was still his normal happy self...but something was off. We finally took him to the vet this week and she confirmed that he has a cataract in his eye. They did some testing and he doesn't have diabetes (yay!) so it's probably congenital. Poor little guy was basically born with this problem. Turns out it's a common schnauzer issue...who knew? We need to go back to the vet in a couple weeks to figure out our options. I'm really hoping there's something we can do to prevent the problem from getting worse. I would hate for my poor pup to go blind. He's already lost some peripheral vision in his right eye. 

I'm glad that his personality hasn't really been affected though. He's still lovable and happy and I think he has many many years left in him. I'm glad too, because I sure do love him. 

On his favorite spot on the couch

Cuddling with Liam.

Hiking in Colorado Springs.


Anonymous said...

I love you too Jaxon. Your grandma Krista

Megan Barley said...

yea for Jaxon's one year anniversary!!

Lauren V. said...

Glad to hear it's not diabetes related. Hopefully you guys can figure out how to control it and let that distinguished pup age without issue :)

Jenn said...

AWWW that cuddling picture is so cute!!