Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our First Snow

Alex's alarm went off around 5:15 in the morning. I rolled over and buried myself under the covers, trying to ignore his alarm and keep sleeping. Then I heard him gasp and say, "Look outside." I jumped up, peered out the window, and there it was. Snow! Everything was covered in it and more was coming down. We threw on our jackets, grabbed our camera, and ventured out into the cold. We were probably the only ones really excited to be playing in snow at 5:30 am. What can I say? We're from Miami.

Alex still had to go in to work today. Boo... So I went back to sleep and now I'm up again...watching the snow fall and the inauguration of our next president. 

Be in prayer, my friends...that Obama can be a great leader for our country and that Alex drives safely in the snow. 

I took these a little later in the morning:


Merari said...

the snow looks beautiful!

don't get sick on me, though.

Anne Marie said...

it's so beautiful!!! yay.
awesome jacket, by the way!

Rey De Armas said...

yay! snow can be fun :)

go sledding!

Jescel said...

LOL.. reminds me of how I felt when I had my first snow eons ago in Germany. I, too, had a similar "jumping in the snow" pic like Alex. :o)

Lauren said...

I love it! It snowed in Louisville this weekend but not enough to stick. I'm currently jealous.

googler said...
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