Friday, July 29, 2011

Ikea Comes to Denver!

This week Ikea had their grand opening in Denver! (Okay, technically it's in Centennial which is less than half an hour away) I have been waiting for this for a long time. I've never lived in such close proximity to an Ikea before.

Some of the girls and I had to check it out. See how excited we were:

*I seriously look crazy, hah.

Even though it was opening week everything went so smoothly. Parking was easy, it wasn't too crowded, the lines weren't too long. It felt like any regular trip to Ikea. Kudos to them for making this shopping trip so painless. 

I am SO thankful that they're here because we really needed to add some extra seating to our living room. I feel horrible when people come over and have to sit on the floor. And with Liam making his arrival soon I know we'll have many visitors. I was able to get two very comfy chairs for $70 each. Wowzers! 

Love it!

I plan to return soon to pick up some curtains that they were sold out of. I loathe the closet doors in Liam's room so I plan on removing them and putting up curtains instead. Can't wait! 


Krista said...

Love the new chairs!

Brian T. said...

That pic of all you girls is hilarious... and terrifying

Megan Barley said...

I LOVE the way the chairs ended up looking. glad you went with two- that was such a good call on my part! ; )

and lol to Brian's comment!

Jud and Shannon said...

Ikea is the BEST! I was so sad I was leaving Denver when I heard Ikea was coming, but DC has 2 so now I'm spoiled :) Those chairs are super comfy! Also, their "as is" section (they may be developing it as they get returns) is well worth checking out :)