Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birth Plan

I have to say, I was not a fan of coming up with a birth plan. Every time I thought about writing one up I instantly felt lethargic and thought, "Do I really have to write up a birth plan??" I just didn't want to be that lady that waddled into labor and delivery with a thick manual dictating every little detail of what I wanted my experience to be like. It seemed like that would just be setting myself up for disappointment. Plus, those ladies are just annoying (uhhh...no offense to any of those ladies out there...).

However, after talking to my midwife at my last appointment I decided I would come up with a little one page bullet-point list of desires so that we are all on the same page. I'm sure I won't want to be discussing my wants in the middle of painful contractions so it's easier if everyone knows up front.

I thought I'd share a little bit of my birth plan on here to give you an idea of what I came up with and maybe it'll help some other mamas-to-be who are feeling a little overwhelmed with writing up a birth plan.
  • My labor support person is: My husband, Alexander Acevedo.
  • I would like the following people to attend the birth of my baby: Alex Acevedo - husband. Kristabel Lopez - mother. 
  • I would like to walk as much as possible during labor.
  • I would like to use the hot tub during labor.
  • I would like to use the following comfort measures during labor: breathing techniques, birth ball, different positions, squat bar, walking, massage, hot tub, music, cold compresses, warm compresses, whatever works.
  • Please do not offer medications to me. I will request them if I feel they are needed. 
  • I prefer intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring.
  • I would like to take photos and video during labor and birth.
  • I would like to avoid an episiotomy as much as possible.
  • I would like coaching on when and when not to push.
  • I would like to avoid a C-section unless absolutely necessary.
  • I would like my husband and I to be a part of the decision-making process. 
  • I would like the baby placed on my chest right after delivery. 
  • I would like my husband to cut the umbilical cord.
  • I do not want to be separated from my newborn during procedures.
  • I plan to breastfeed exclusively. 
  • I would like to meet with a lactation consultant while at the hospital.
  • Please do not give my baby any supplemental feedings or offer a pacifier without discussing it with me first.
  • I do not want my baby to be circumcised. 
That's the gist of it all. I know things don't always go to plan and that giving birth can be unpredictable. Right now sitting in a hot tub during contractions sounds fantastic...but maybe when the time comes I won't want to. And that's okay. I'm willing to be flexible and listen to my body. I just want to let my body do its thing, my body was made for this and knows what to do. 


Desiree said...

I've been procrastinating LOADS on writing up my birth plan because I didn't know where to begin, what should be included, etc. so I'm very glad you took the time to share this...very helpful and motivating!!!

Also, I'm currently waiting for Ina May's book in the mail thanks to you ;) I've wanted a natural birth all along, but we don't have the option of water labor or intermittent fetal monitoring, so I need some drive to keep on the natural track in spite of these roadblocks...

lesley gordon said...

i think you hit all the main things! my hospital has a birthing plan online you can print out and take with you. it made it so easy for me! i think you got most everything that's all the list. :) i hope your plan goes well for you!!