Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Man Style

Okay, I have become obsessed with finding cute boy stuff ever since we found out Baby Ace is a little man. I want my boy to be dapper as can be. And let me tell you, there is plenty of cute boy stuff out there that I never knew existed.

The Gap never disappoints:

And Etsy always has great handmade and vintage options:

And I discovered this neat website dedicated to handsome boys:
Boys Be Cool.

I know having a child means more than just dressing them up in cute outfits, but I can't help getting excited about this stuff. Let me gush a little bit. ;-)


Mom said...


Steph & Danny said...

He's going to looks so handsome! Can't wait! love you!

BoysBeCool said...

Congratulations on having a boy! He is going to be so stylish! Welcome to out close knit BBC tribe of moms and a few dads who are convinced that boys have style too! Thank you for mentioning Boys Be Cool on your blog! Dressing boys is so much fun!