Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andy and Angela: Engaged!

Our friend, Andy, proposed to his lovely girlfriend Angela last week. He asked Alex and I to tag along to take some secret photos of the proposal. It was pretty exciting! We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens (I can't wait to visit that place once all the flowers are in bloom, I know it'll be gorgeous!) and hid among the plants hoping Angela wouldn't see it. My heart was pounding so fast the whole time.

Andy took Angela to a bench by a small pond and popped the question. I tried my best to snap photos while hiding. After she said yes (yay!) we did a short impromptu photo session right then and there.

I'm excited for my friends as they prepare for marriage and I'm honored to have been a part of the proposal. Congratulations, Andy and Angela!

Check out more photos on my flickr account.


Merari said...

These pics are soooo awesome!!! Love the black and white one.

congrats to Andy and Angela!

Lauren V. said...

Yay!! Love the pics of the happy couple! You did great hiding and shooting simultaneously!

Kat Goenaga said...

These pictures are incredible! You did an amazing job (as usual). They look like they are so in love. :)

Adrienne said...

These are AMAZING! WE LOVE Angela and Andy!!!

Enamarie said...

I love your photos! I was telling Steph that you guys take very sharp photographs. I'm inspired :)