Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House Hunting

I am beyond excited to go house hunting this week! I really think Alex and I are going to have a great time in the city looking at all these houses, one of which could be our future home!
I even made a little chart with all our prospects and rated them on a scale of 1-5 and chose a top ten. Look, it's color-coded and everything. [Thanks to my mom for suggesting to do this, it's really helped us see which houses best fit our family without getting caught up in unimportant things or feeling overwhelmed]

We'll also squeeze in plenty of time for fun. I can't wait to explore Denver with my handsome man.
And we are ever so thankful that Anne Marie will be apartment-sitting and dog-sitting for us. I'm confident Jaxon will be loved on while we're away, but I'll still miss him terribly!

And while we're gone I ask that you please remember us in your prayers. I know the Lord has prepared a home for us and I just pray that He would guide us and give us wisdom and discernment. This is pretty much the most grown up thing Alex and I have ever done. Eek!

Also, please take a look at our latest Soma update video. We need your help, please consider being a part of the Soma Support Community. It would be a huge blessing. "Without those who send, we cannot go."

Soma Support Community from Soma Church Denver on Vimeo.


alexita said...

talk about organization! ;) I'll definitely be praying for you and Alex, as well as for Soma Church. You guys are going to do great things for His Kingdom!

Lauren V. said...

Haha, I saw you with that clipboard last night! Looks like it's being put to good use!! I'm excited to see how the Lord leads and guides you guys this week in the house hunt, and we'll be praying!

Adam and Ashley said...

Good luck househunting! I can't wait to see a pic of the one you choose. Good luck we'll be praying for you guys!