Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leslie's Maternity Photos

Thomas and Leslie are great friends to us here in North Carolina. We know them from church and school and are so thankful for their friendship.
When I found out Leslie was pregnant I was so excited! I can't wait for Baby Judah to come into the world. And I was so honored that Leslie actually trusted me to take some maternity photos for them. It was my first time shooting maternity photos and I just loved it. Leslie is gorgeous, I couldn't have taken a bad photo if I tried. I hope if any of my other friends get pregnant they will give me the opportunity to take some photos for them. ;-)

Here are a few of the images...I also posted some on flickr.

*special thanks to my amazing husband for helping me out so much. 


Merari said...

Good job, amiga!

they are very cute. Congrats to them on the baby!

lisa said...

lovely pictures. I especially like the one in the field. muy bonita!