Monday, November 02, 2009


We're back in NC!
It was long drive back and I was ready to be home. We had a great visit in Orlando with Alex's family. Some highlights from the trip:

  • Watching Lucci cross that stage in his shiny gray cap and gown. ;-)
  • Eating delicious sushi at the greatest Japanese restaurant...even though it took forever to get was worth it!
  • Standing outside of Halloween Horror Nights and getting scared by the zombies. We almost bought tickets to go in...but our wallets prevented us. ;-)
  • Seeing Saw VI. (it really wasn't that scary or gross)
  • Walking around downtown Orlando with Alex, his mom, and his aunt on Halloween night. Wow. Very interesting.
I have a lot to do now that we're back in town...only I can't really remember everything. I know I have some shopping...I'l figure out the rest.
Anywhoo...Alex made a URL for me. can be confusing I suppose. My new URL is Hoorah!

Happy November to all.


Michelle (and Shannon) said...

So...would Alex like to share how he changed your URL? I'd love to make ours easier for people to remember. And for those of us who follow your blog, do we need to change it in blogger, or can we leave the old URL in there and it work just fine? (I'm assuming we can, since I got this update in reader).

Anonymous said...

He bought a domain name. Not sure where...maybe (I'll check) and had the link (glowinglightblog) lead to my blog.
The other URL still works.

Usually buying a domain name is really cheap. It's probably worth it.

Krista said...

hola Kikito. I'm glad you enjoy the trip. I miss you!