Thursday, September 24, 2009


Prayer isn't exactly my strong suit.
I'm not sure why exactly.
Maybe it's because my memory isn't all that great. I don't want to be one of those people that says, "I'll pray for you," and doesn't do it. So what I've been doing is praying right there on the spot about whatever it was I said I would pray about. That way, I'm not a liar. I prayed for you, just like I said I would.

But is that enough?

Sure, I prayed. I said a few words one your behalf, just as you requested. And I meant it too. But then I don't even think about it again until the next time you bring it up, if you do.
That just doesn't feel right to me. I've met people who are just prayer warriors. They will pray everyday for specific requests and they will ask for updates on how you're doing. That's awesome. I respect that.

So I guess what I'm saying is, how can I pray for you?
I've recently started journaling through my quiet time and I wanted to add prayers to my journal so I can remember to pray for you. I don't want it to be a one-time deal.
So leave a comment, let me know. I want to pray for you.


Jennifer said...

ugh, I often find myself having this same issue. So with your inspirations I'm going to strive to do the same. I want to be able to spend such time in prayer and truly focus on what I'm saying. Not just say it because I said I would. Ya know?

But as for me, pray for my family, my in-laws to be exact. They are going through a rough time right now and it's really starting to effect the entire family.

Thanks Kristin. Your blog is so encouraging, just to let you know.:)

Anonymous said...

oof i feel the same. I'm glad you posted this!
Love you, and whenever you're down here i say we hang and play some beatles rockband. I'll pray for that ;)

Lauren said...

I completely understand what you mean. Don't worry just try to be intentional with pray. If you would like to pray for Rey and I that would be great. We are still looking to purchase our first home and of course we havent found it yet.

Hope all is well with you guys :) Let us know of anything you need prayer for.

Megan said...

i can identify with this post. something i really need some prayer on is time management! i know it is something i often joke about but the way i handle my time does not reflect what my priorities should be.

on that note, i am going to go do some HW and not check out any more of my favorite blogs! : )

what can i be praying for you, dear Kristel?

Priscilla said...

I have a hard time too, and I do exactly that. Journal my prayer. I write it down in this format that I learned from reading the Ed Welch "Running Scared" book. ACTS
A-adoration:praising Him,saying how wonderful he is
C-confession:recognizing our weakness and sins
T-thanksgiving: thanks for His provisions
S-supplication: aka prayer request