Friday, July 17, 2009

Gum & Guitar

I love being married to a creative man.
The other day I texted him while he was at work asking if he wanted to do a photo shoot later. He promptly agreed and as soon as he got home we were on our way.
I remembered this field in Franklinton that had some old abandoned cars on it. I always wanted to take photos there. And to make the shoot just a bit more fun I bought some Bubble Yum. Alex, of course, brought his guitar along and we were ready to rock 'n roll.

Here is the result.
If anyone ever wants to join us on a photo shoot adventure, let us know. We promise to make you look good. ;-)


megan said...

love the pics! how creative! how bubbolicoius!

alexita said...

you are one creative chick!
the pics look great. do you take out of state clients? ;) ha!

Lauren Crane said...

Hey! I LOVE those shots with the truck! Where is the field at in Franklinton? We're doing our engagement pics on Friday and I want to do some in a field! Hope you're doing well!

Curtis Copeland said...

Wow! Great photos. The bubble gum collage is cool. Thanks for sharing!