Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what a twit...

This is all Alex's fault. If he had never done it, I wouldn't have either. 
Who knew that my husband had so much influence on me??? 
I caved...I drank the kool-aid...but I better not hear any taunting from anyone!
And that's it...that's all I can say...we'll see where this goes. 

So what else is knew? :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow... Meg and I thought you didn't sell out to stuff like that - you know you don't have any excuse to not love The Office now, don't you?


Merari said...

sorry. I read this after I wrote to you on twitter. I taunted. haha. but I still love you ;-)

Anne Marie said...

did you know that a twit is a pregnant goldfish?
now you do :)

Danibel said...


Gabby said...

i couldn't help but laugh when i saw that the "anyone" link led to merari's blog


i know how you feel merari! this is exactly how i felt when alexandra made me curious enough to join twitter. now, i "tweet" all the time.