Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Talk about dreams coming true!
I think No Doubt was one of the first bands that I remember liking. I was in elementary school when 'Tragic Kingdom' came out and I fell in love with it. I still remember watching the music video for 'Spiderwebs' with my sister and dancing around our living room. 
[side note: When we got Guitar Hero World Tour and I saw that 'Spiderwebs' was one of the the songs, I almost died of happiness!]

When I heard that they were getting together to do a tour I immediately  hopped online to buy tickets. Lawn seats were only ten bucks! [looking back on it now, I would've shelled out the eighty bucks for pit tickets, it was that amazing]
No Doubt definitely proved that they still got it. Their set list was perfect, full of all my favorite hits.  The band has so much energy and they looked like they were having fun the entire time.
Not to mention, Gwen Stefani is my number one girl crush and the fact that we were breathing the same air was almost too much to handle. ;-)  I think if we were to meet she would really like me and we could be the best of friends. Alex thinks I'm a little crazy. ::sigh::
But he did promise me that if they go on tour again he'll make sure I'm right at the edge of the stage so I can rock out right in their faces. 

Since we were in the lawn I didn't get great pictures or anything, but I'll share a few shots anyway. 


Fawn said...

awesome! she's amazing!
*nice shirt :)

megan said...

i'm glad you had so much fun! Up, soon please?
i think GS would like you too!

alexita said...

looks fun! i had bought my ticket for the concert down here but i wasnt able to make it cuz i worked the next day... boo! it looked like such a great show.

Brigitte said...

thats awesome! I would have gone to that concert, but it was on Tom's bday. :( glad to hear you had a great time!

Heredes said...

I loved the concert, No Doubt rocked .. .. we had great seats and all ..
but i was super ticked that we were super late and missed "the Sounds" & PARAMAORE!!! I was mad!

its all good though . glad u enjoyed