Thursday, March 12, 2009

flea market!

Last weekend we had some of the most beautiful weather I've experienced since moving to North Carolina. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, the temperatures reached the 80s! We just had to head outdoors. 
[unfortunately we're back in the 50s this]

We decided to go to the flea market located on the North Carolina fairgrounds. It is HUGE and there are so many neat things to look at. They sell just about anything you could imagine. Vintage cameras, vintage furniture, vintage toys, vintage records...vintage everything basically.  I wish I could have bought so many things buuut we just don't have money to be wasting away at the flea market. We couldn't walk away empty handed though. After walking around the entire flea market and visiting every table we went back to the very first table we stopped at to buy the very first item that caught my eye.
Check out my awesome bowl:
Well, I think it's awesome anyway. :-)

Here are a few more interesting items that caught my eye:

(I remember reading these books when I was a kid!)

(Love this desk)


(We totally had these when I was growing up!!!)


Lauren said...

I had that bowl growing up...come to think about it, I think we still have it in the very back of the cabinet. lol

Anonymous said...

No way! lol. That is so cool!
I really love it. The little Amish people crack me up.

Jescel said...

i think that bowl is precious.. when i was in europe, i'd hit the flea markets too. it's interesting to see what people are selling.

Anonymous said...

some pretty cool stuff out there. and i totally remember those garfield glasses!! and the books!! LOL

alexita said...

looks like an awesome flea market! i know it would be impossible to find those things in the flea market in opa locka lol ;)

Room to Think said...

ooh love flea markets, wish we had more and nicer ones...i live at the gold coast in Aust now...i love that bowl!