Friday, April 18, 2008

Alex & Kristel Lopez

I've been reading quite a bit on the topic of men changing their last names when they get married. Believe it or not, it DOES happen. So I thought I'd ask Alex how he feels about the subject...if he'd be willing to change his last name to mine. He scoffed. Mostly because my last name is "too common," not because he's a sexist pig. ;-)

But then I received a great little letter in the mail yesterday. An invitation to Anne Marie's graduation party. And just GUESS who the envelope was addressed to!

I win. 
I guess, Alex and Kristel Lopez it is. 

P.S. Don't worry, he's not gonna change his last name...and if you're wondering, yes, I do plan on changing my last name to his once we get married. 


Lauren said...

Thats awesome...,.I'm sided with you on this one!

Merari said...

im down for keeping my name.. imagine...

Merari Garcia, Merari Perez, Merari Smith ( i don't wanna limit my future spouse's race, lol)


and hyphens are too complicated.

I'm battling for my kids to have my last name :0)
( it happens!)

Anne Marie said...

in my defense... i did not do this. i left the task of addressing the envelopes to my assistant/mom. i guess she's a feminist deep down, lol.

Jescel said...

well, in my opinion.. if a guy changes his last name to the girls' last name, then he should be the one to get pregnant too!.. that's all I've to say.... LOL!