Monday, October 29, 2007

catalog shopping

I have a problem.
I'm what's known as an "impulsive shopper."
I try to stay away from malls and stores because I'll inevitably find something cute that I just HAVE TO HAVE and I'll buy it.
There was a time in my life that I had very little money in my bank account because of this problem. Especially when I turned 18 and got my very first credit card! Lucky for me, I have learned how to keep this problem under control. CATALOGS!
I get them all. Delia's, J.Crew, Alloy, Swell... you name it I'll take a gander at it. I love looking at all the pretty outfits. My favorite part is taking a permanent marker and circling everything I would like to purchase. As if I'm planning on going back later to order it. Sometimes I'll leave it lying around, hoping someone will come across it, see all those little circles and take pity on me.
It hasn't happened yet...but you never know.
Anyway...I have found that this method has been very successful for me in keeping my spending in check. I feel a sense of satisfaction circling everything I want, even if I don't really buy it.
That and staying as far away from clothing stores as possible!

If you don't like the clutter of catalogs you could try looking at clothes on-line. My favorite is It's glorious. And hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the clothes without spending all your money.

Have fun pretend shopping!


Janell said...

lol that's awesome...reminds me of myself except i havent stopped exceeding my bank account! ive dont the circlng catalog items and leaving it in my moms purse still havent gotten a thing! lol

Anne Marie said...

i'm an impulsive shopper too! (impulsive, but with lots of research!) it was a sad day when i gave in to woot. impulsive shopping at its peak.
oh, and that catalog thing... when i was 14 i had the delia's catalog, circled like 10 things, and for christmas, my grandparents bought them all for me! wow. there's hope for you too, maybe...

Jescel said...

how about asking if you actually "need it it" before buying? it works for me..

Holly L. said...

i do the same - look through the catalog, circle and then usually in a couple of days throw it out. i look online too. Jescel's really good at finding great clothes for little money - maybe we should go shopping with her!