Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liam's Nursery

I'm finally sharing some photos of Liam's nursery. I love how it turned out. Granted, we don't spend much time in there because he sleeps in our room at night in his bassinet...but he does like to nap in there during the day if we're hanging out in the basement. And as he gets older we will eventually transition him into his room. Anyway, here are the photos...enjoy! [I apologize they're a little dark]

His lovely Jenny Lind crib...and you can see his little red race car next to it...can't wait until he's big enough to play with it!

Love that little storage bench. It's nice to have a little extra seating in the room.

Those shelves are jam-packed with stuffed animals, paintings, old toys, etc. Maybe one day I'll feature a few of the special details in the room.

The rain gutter shelves with all his books. A map of the world. And we'll have to take some family photos to put in those frames. 

Thrift store dresser that Alex lovingly repainted. 

I love my Eames-inspired rocker and his little piano.


Jenn said...

so cute! I love the grey and white with pops of color. perfect for a beautiful baby boy. :)

Michelle said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love it! Lane's room will be finished and cute...one day! For now I'll just ogle Liam's!

Krista said...

The room is beautiful. Every little detail. Overall it has a calming effect.

Carmen Corea said...

Liam and I have the same room color!! Haha! That's because we're cool like that. :) Love the room. Hope that little sweetie pie is great. I am sure he is :) xoxo

BloC-O said...

Hope you guys are doing great!
Wow! It's perfect! Love, love, love the rain gutter book shelves. Super feliz por ustedes! xoxo

BloC-O said...

btw BloC-O is Cristina Collazo (jijiji)