Thursday, May 26, 2011

Growth Ultrasound

On Tuesday morning I had to go in for a growth ultrasound to make sure our Little Man was progressing properly. My belly is a bit on the small side so they wanted to make sure he was growing and getting adequate nutrition.

Well, I may have a small belly but I certainly don't have a small baby! Liam is actually measuring about a week and a half ahead and is weighing in at a little over three pounds already. Yikes. I have to say, I'm not really surprised. He was measuring big at my 20 week ultrasound as well and I've always felt that he may come a little earlier than expected. But hey, I'm just a first time mom, I'm no expert.

The U/S tech could even see that Liam has some hair! How crazy is that? Alex and I were both born with heads full of black spiky hair so Liam may take after his mommy and daddy.

I'm thankful that Liam is so healthy and that he's growing. Alex is especially proud and keeps calling him his Big Boy. Hopefully he isn't TOO big upon delivery...ouch.

Liam at 28 weeks, 7 days. 

P.S. Don't forget to check out our maternity photo session on Maloman's blog. The photos are so sweet!


Kortnie Wertzbaugher said...

That's so awesome!! I can't believe he already has enough hair that tech could see it! My kids both had very little, so I won't be surprised if this next one is the same way. I hope you're feeling as great as you look! :)

Lauren V. said...

Tell him not to come TOO early - I want to be around! Glad he seems so healthy and hearty, though :)

Anonymous said...

looks like he's blowing smoke rings!


-beth and casper