Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Nuggets of Wisdom

I'm really busy today and don't really have time to be blogging, but I wanted to share these little nuggets of wisdom from the marriage conference this weekend. I would develop these points further, but like I said, I'm busy. :-) If you'd like to further discuss these statements with me at a later time please feel free to do so. The conference really was an amazing blessing. I'm really happy Alex and I were able to attend. Paul Tripp is a talented speaker. He is able to take these truths from the Scriptures and practically apply them in ways that are understandable.

Anyway, here are the nuggets:

  • Romance is not a cause, it's a result.
  • Biblical View of Marriage: A flawed person and a flawed person in a fallen world but with a faithful God.
  • Worship is first your identity before it's ever your activity.
  • Your words and behavior are more formed by what is inside of you than outside. The heart is the causal core of your personhood. (Luke 6:43-45)
  • The DNA of sin is selfishness. Sin will cause me to dehumanize the people in my life. True righteousness begins when you quit living for yourself.
  • The person you are married to is a broken person and will not fulfill you, only God can do that.
  • There is no such things as love that doesn't require sacrifice. The call to love is to love even when the person hasn't deserved that love.
  • True love is born out of gratitude, not duty.
  • God is after something deeper than temporary personal happiness, He's after holiness.
There's really so much more that we learned this weekend. The conference was such a great reminder to what marriage is really all about and it also demonstrated how marriage is really a ministry. I loved it. Check out Paul Tripp's website and if you ever get the chance to attend this conference, please do!


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Love this. Thanks for sharing!

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great points, simple and true.