Tuesday, October 27, 2009

autumn tradition?

As most of you know, I grew up in Miami.
In Miami we have one season: Summer!
There is no Winter...no Spring...and no Fall. This is really a shame because Fall is a beautiful time of year. I wrote about our first Fall last year. Now that I'm experiencing it all again for the second time I'm wondering if we should start some sort of Autumn Tradition. I'm at a bit of a loss because as I just mentioned, I'm from Miami!
What are some Autumn traditions that you practice or have heard of others practicing?
the view from our front door

Here's one autumn tradition that I know of...pumpkin carving! Alex and I had never carved a pumpkin before this year. But thanks to our wonderful friends, the Barleys, we were able to partake of this neat activity.

I don't know if I want to make this our tradition though... After a few days that pumpkin got all moldy inside [blegh], but we'll see. Alex loved it.

So share your favorite Autumn traditions in the comments section. OR write a blog about it. Caroline Joy Photography is having a contest and the prize is a $50 Anthropologie gift card. Read all about it here.


Jennifer said...

I don't think we have many fall traditions, except for baking. Once the fall months hit, there's no stopping the pumpkin or apple goodies! and our church has a fall fest every year on halloween so that's kind of a tradition.

As you know, I'm in florida and our carved pumpkins barely last a day outside! so I've decided to keep mine inside this year and maybe they'll stay a little bit longer!

Anonymous said...

Danny and I carved our first pumpkin together too! i love it...but its disgusting now. ew..
i think you and alex should take a picture a day for your fave autumn month and make something out of it.

i dunno im from miami too.

Lauren V. said...

Kristel - Pumpking-flavored stuff (lattes, cheesecake) and candy corn are a given. Going hiking in the mountains and looking at the color is great, too. If you don't feel like walking, just figure out a pretty fall drive and do it on a sunny day!

Also, bonfires are fabulous!

megan said...

yeah for traditions! i think you know our fall one-we take an afternoon and go pick a pumpkin, come home and make chicken pot pie, boil peanuts and watch a scary movie! (we will actually carve that pumpkin once we live in a place that allows it!!)