Friday, August 07, 2009


A couple weeks ago I had my first paid photo gig since moving to North Carolina.
I was thrilled!
Promised Land Community Church in Creedmoor, NC hired me to take pictures of their Sunday school and service to display on their newly renovated website (it's still in the works...).
It was great to have the opportunity to just take candid shots of a group of people who are doing what they can to serve God in their community. 

And the kids were adorable!

I'm not gonna lie though...the BEST part was getting to see a REAL LIVE OWL! Dan the Animal Man was there that day to show a variety of wild animals (gator...porcupine...babboon) and when he brought out that owl I was beyond ecstatic.
Check out that glorious creature.

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures but...ohhh well. At least I saw it with my very own eyes. :-)


Michelle (and Shannon) said...

You and your owls crack me up!

Alexander said...

Great job love. You rocked that shoot.

Merari said...

good job, friend!

that owl's wings are humongous!

whittakerwoman said...

Great job! Love the booger pic! H

Anonymous said...

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