Sunday, November 30, 2008

a nice break

Alex and I have officially survived our first holiday away from Miami. It was tough. I knew friends and family back home were continuing on in their traditions and it pained me a little to know we wouldn't be able to participate. 
However, Alex's mom came to visit and we got together with the Schoppes (our neighbors and friends from our small group) for a delicious dinner. 
I made a sweet potato casserole from scratch and it came out delicious! I couldn't believe I actually made something that tasted so good. We decorated our place a bit and I think it didn't look too shabby...considering the limited space and resources. 

The next morning we all got up early. Alex headed off to work as Patty and I headed to the Black Friday sales. It was my first time. It wasn't as scary as I imagined it would be, but still not something I would want to do year after year. The good news is we were able to make Alex's wildest dreams come true. A new HDTV! Yay! Enjoy it, babe. ;-)

We spent Saturday taking Patty all over Raleigh and ended the night by decorating our first Christmas tree. It's a stubby little thing, but I love it. I really enjoy this time of the year and I am counting down the days for this semester to be over so I can relax and head home for the holidays. 

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving break!

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving and our Christmas tree. 


The Hubs said...

I love you and every moment of this weekend.

The Hubs again said...

P.S. You're the Best!

Merari said...

your home looks so.. home-y!
I'm very proud that your dish came out good. I expect to partake of some of your cooking next time I visit ;-)

Anonymous said...

your place looks amazing. it makes me wanna have hot chocolate! :)
High 5 on the cooking skills.

Krista said...

We are so proud of how you have developed your housewife skills. It is amazing! We always knew they were there but you waited for Alex to blossom. I wonder where did you get your Thanksgiving decor and food talents? I am glad you enjoy putting an extra effort on the details that make the celebrations extra special. I can't wait to see you in Christmas.

Amanda said...

you need to update! it's been 2 weeks! :)