Friday, November 14, 2008

new classes

There are only a few weeks left in this semester. 
Crazy to think how fast it has gone by! I've really enjoyed my first semester of seminary. I'm still getting into the swing of things. I don't feel like I totally "get it" yet, but I'm enjoying the ride...for the most part. ;-)

I already picked my classes for the winter and spring semesters. The winter term is known as a "J-term" around here. It's a two week course during winter break. We have a really long winter break here, so I  thought it would be wise to knock out a class since I'll probably have so much free time.  I'll be taking Counseling Theory, Monday - Friday from 8am-12:30pm for two weeks straight. I haven't had an 8am class since I was a freshman in college. There's a reason I quit taking 8 am classes. That is just TOO early in the morning! However, since it's only for two weeks I think I'll be able to survive...pray for me. ;-)

For the spring term I'm taking Christian Ethics, New Testament 2, Christian Theology 2, and my fourth class is the one I'm most excited about. It's a mission trip to Mexico in April. I'm excited because it'll be my first mission trip, I'm getting seminary credit for it, and my husband gets to come too! We'll be there for a week during our spring break. We are basically running a baseball camp for kids and also presenting them with the Gospel. I volunteered to be the "media director," which really just means I get to run around and take pictures of everyone and everything. 

I'm really eager for the spring semester to begin...but of course I have to get through the rest of this semester first. I still have a few papers to write and exams to pass. So I have to buckle down and get things done. 

...But I'll wait until after this weekend. :-) Kat and Lenny are in town and I have to enjoy their company while I can!


Michelle (and Shannon) said...

Who are you taking Theology 2 with? I'm taking'd be fun if we were in there together!

Anonymous said...

i think you'll do just fine in that 8am class. Glad you took it..get it out of the way ;)

Desiree said...

oh my gosh that is SO cool! it's like a mini-vacay AND you get credit! awesome!!!

you're going to take fantastical pictures as always, too bad it's such a way off! time'll fly, hopefully! lol


alexita said...

the missions trip sounds great! how exciting! :)
and you'll be fine with the 8am class, no worries. ;)

Merari said...

kick some 8am class butt. I believe in you.

and yay for taking pictures in Mexico while playing soccer and spreading THE good news! Sounds like a dream job. I expect to see some good photos posted.

Alex said...

YEa! now we can wake up together and I cant wait for Mexico.