Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a quick blurb

I have mailed out my bridal shower invitations! *phew* Hopefully you should be receiving your's within the next few days. I had to limit my invites because the restaurant only fits 50 people. I invited 55, haha...so we'll see what happens. Please remember to RSVP Carmen Rodriguez as it indicates on the invitation! (She's my aunt)
My next major project will be the wedding invitations...I'll be calling those of you who so graciously volunteered in my last blog for help! 

And if you're wondering, my sister's bachelorette party in NYC this past weekend was great! I just love that city. The best part was the shopping...definitely. 



Lauren said...

I missed you this weekend..glad to hear you had an awesome time...see you tonight with stories.

Janell said...

yea!! i got it today!! who hoo i felt so important to get mail that wasnt bills lol!!! =) ill defintely rsvp with carmen! =)

alexita said...

the invites were awesome!!! props! ;)
ill be there, ill call your aunt to confirm! yay!! :)

Anne Marie said...

yay! invitations :)
looking forward to the next couple of months!

Mt. Steph said...

i'm really excited for you!

danibel said...

nyc rocked! btw, i havent found shoes for my own wedding yet, so no pressure. p.s. the wedding is 9 days away, time to freak out.

oh, and hello, MOH, if u need help with wedding-related stuff, u do have a bridal party!! call a sistah up.