Sunday, November 25, 2007

turkey dinners

I know it's a bit late...but I HAD to post about my Thanksgiving meals...all three of them.

This was the first time I did the house hopping thing...
We started out with lunch at the home of Manny's parents (my sister's fiance). His dad is a MASTER chef...I am not even exaggerating. He prepared a feast. Lamb, carne asada (Argentinian style), pork, chicken, salmon, pasta, veggies, and the most amazing roasted potatoes you'll ever eat. Oh, and a turkey too, but I decided to skip on that and enjoy everything else.

From there we headed straight over to Alex's grandmother's house. More great food awaited us. His aunt makes these potatoes with bacon and some kind of white sauce. I don't know what's in there, but I love it. And the peas...oh man, best peas ever, even if you don't like peas.

We were able to take a little break after that before having dinner at my house. All the usual goodies. The turkey was the BEST. Every year my parents' friends make it and every year it's juicy and delicious. And of course, my grandma's famous stuffing. And the mashed squash, my personal favorite.

I hope you all had lovely meals with your families and were able to have a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.


Anne Marie said...

man, those look good. especially the carne asada and roasted potatoes!!! yum. thanksgiving food is amazing.

Jescel said...

Did you eat all those you got on your plate? wow.. i'd be surprised if you did...looked like it's a lot of food - good food at that tho' :o)

Lauren said...

hey when are you going to post the pics from beth's wedding. I want to admire your work as well.