Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Pizza Cafe

I failed to mention to you all a truly momentous occasion in my photography life. :-)
Alex and I completed our very first Glowing Light Studios project. There is a restaurant called The Pizza Cafe located at The Falls (8888 SW 136 Street) across from Bebe. The owners have a flatscreen TV inside the restaurant and wanted to display different photos of the food on their menu in a slideshow format. 

WELL, I shot the photos and Alex made the slideshow and voila! Our work is now displayed in a public location where hundreds of people go through everyday. It was exciting to make the invoice and it'll be even more exciting when the check is in my hands. ;-)

When my mom was in town we stopped by the restaurant and she was impressed with our work. Granted, she's my mother, she HAS to like my work. But I'm not gonna lie, the pictures came out great. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

If you wanna see it, stop by The Pizza Cafe next time you're shopping at The Falls...the food is great and the menu displayed on the TV is even better! ;-)


Sketchism said...

Ooh congrats!

Yeah it's definitely a pleasure to get paid for your work. A slice of joy, so to speak.

Anne Marie said...

Congrats! I'll definitely check it out next chance I get :)

Merari said...


high five! i'm proud ;0)

Jescel said...

wow.. that's great Kristel. Congrats. And I'll stop by there next time i'm in the falls.

Lauren said...

Congrats! Im so happy for you. I'll make sure to check it out next time im at the falls.

Paula said...

Congrats :] Ill stop by next time for sure !!