Tuesday, November 29, 2011

baby travel tips

Soon Liam and I will get on a plane headed towards Miami. I am so excited to finally introduce him to so many that are near and dear to our hearts. I think my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends will just go crazy over this little guy.

As excited as I am, I'm also terrified to get on a plane...alone...with a baby. I know I'll have to breastfeed at some point during the plane ride and those seats are so small and close together. I'm hoping he won't have a fit on the plane. That would be so embarrassing and annoying for the other travelers. And how will he handle the two hour time difference? I already decided I'm checking our luggage because I cannot handle keeping track of our bags and making sure he's okay. And thankfully I won't have to bring a car seat, stroller, etc because I'll be borrowing those items from my sister. So I figure I'll take Liam in his baby carrier. Any other tips from seasoned traveling mamas out there?? What must have items should I include in his diaper bag? What are some good soothing techniques? What's the best way to keep him from getting sick? How can I prepare him for the plane trip and the time change? How do I keep myself sane?!? :-)

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Liam stretching his dedos de gallina after nap time. 


Michelle said...

Well, my only real advice is to nurse at takeoff and landing. It helps the pressure on their ears to not be so bad...distracts them and helps them swallow. Check your bags and just keep a healthy supply of diapers, a change of clothes or two for him, and an extra shirt for you (because you never know when he might spit up or throw up all. over. you.). He's so young that you probably won't have any problems with him...just let him do what he wants to do (eat or sleep)...for your own peace of mind that everyone is not annoyed with you. =)

David, Haley, Colt, and Kylie said...

When I brought Kylie out to Denver in July she did great! I just nursed and let her sleep whenever. Don't plan on a strict schedule that day. Just be flexible and laid back - baby will follow and sense your lead :-) And you will have a more enjoyable trip too! Have fun! I'm sure Liam will do great!

Leslie said...

Make sure to bring your carrier! He's at a great age to travel since he's not mobile yet. Just feed him if he acts fussy and you'll be fine! Take a couple new toys to grab his attention if you want also. Have fun visiting family!

Kortnie Wertzbaugher said...

I agree with the ladies above. Feed him to help with pressure and to comfort him during all the commotion. I've never flown with my kids, but we did a 15 hour road trip. I think you and Liam will do great!