Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't remember the first time I met Alex. I know we went to the same high school. I remember seeing him around. And I remember the girl he dated (I have to say, I didn't think much of her, so I didn't really think much of him either). I even have a couple of pictures of him in my scrap book. He played with the youth band at my church for a while so he's in the pictures of the band that I took. I don't really ever remember saying two words to him. So I guess we must have been introduced at some point in high school or at church. But we had different groups of friends so we just never interacted much. I thought he was just some guy I would never see again and he probably thought the same of me. I graduated high school in 2003 (he graduated 2004) and moved on with my life.

Two years later I walked into Guitar Center with a friend of mine and there he was. He worked there and we recognized each other. Eventually he and my friend became friends. He started coming to my church. We started hanging out. I still didn't think we would ever be more than acquaintances. Somehow that all changed and Alex became the most important person in the world to me. We fell in love, got married, moved to North Carolina, got pregnant, moved to Colorado...and now, here we are. When I saw the above quote on Pinterest (my new favorite website!) it resonated with me.

Alex, I really didn't think you would be so important to me, but you are. I love you.


Angela Metzger said...

um...I just started tearing up. Either you're a really good writer or I just love you guys a lot...or both.

Krista said...

You've made me cry! I love Alex too. He is a great husband, father, son, son in law etc. etc.

jessicagirado said...


Yannick said...

I was the friend!!! Why else would you be at a Guitar Center? I remember that day too. Alex talked me into getting something I didn't need. -____- Your husband is unfortunately a good salesman. You guys are awesome. Miss you both.