Monday, May 03, 2010

Compassion International

There are so many children in the world who live in poverty...and it honestly breaks my heart. Alex and I have discussed adoption before, and it's something that we would really love to do someday. We see it as a great picture of the gospel. See 1 John 3:1-2, Ephesians 1:5, and Romans 8:15. We have been adopted into the family of God because of His love and grace. So we would love to accept a child into our family and love that child and help that child grow and mature.

Right now, however, is just not the right time to expand our family. But we are praying continually for God to guide us in this process that we may do things in His timing, not ours.

In the mean time, though, we really wanted to do something to help a child living in poverty. I have heard so many great things about Compassion International, and after a lot of thought and research we decided to take the plunge and begin sponsoring a child through this incredible organization.

Meet Alejandra:

She's 3 years old and lives in Nicaragua. 
I chose to sponsor her because I have a connection to Nicaragua (this is where my family is from) and her name is Alejandra (which reminded me of my darling husband, Alexander). Also, she was just the first one that popped up on the list. It was meant to be. :-) Is it weird that I love her so much already? I hope that one day Alex and I can travel to Nicaragua to meet her. That would be amazing. 

There are still so many children that need a sponsor. Please visit the website and sponsor a child today. It's a small but very significant way to help a child in need.  And if you just can't sponsor a child right now, please pray for these children and consider making a one-time contribution of some sort. 



Lauren V. said...

What a gift you're giving her! I'm glad you got a little Nica to care for ;) I totally understand the calling and desire to adopt and applaud you guys for thinking of it already. It is a burden on my heart to adopt, and I'm praying the Lord leads Adrian in the same way. Whenever you do adopt, what a beautiful picture of the gospel and the church that you all will make!

Anne Marie said...

love it! she's tan preciosa!

Michelle said...

She's lovely! I came across your blog while searching blog posts about Compassion. Our family now has 6 Compassion children that we write to several times a month. Being involved with Compassion has been SUCH a blessing!

Sarah said...

Hey! that's AWESOME. I'm in PERU, and we have just visited 5 compassion projects, 5 different cities/churches. I am also in love and I can't wait to sponsor a child either. We get to send them gifts and letters. The other day a little boy ran up to me to show me a letter and stickers he got from his "padrino", he was glowing!