Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California and Perez Hilton

I was watching the Today Show yesterday morning, as is my usual custom, and they had a story about the Miss USA contest. Apparently there was some controversy involving the answer Miss California gave to a question asked by Perez Hilton
He basically asked her thoughts on legalizing same-sex marriage. The young woman answered honestly. She does not approve. Well, in typical Perez Hilton fashion, he blasted her on his website and called her all sorts of nasty names. 
Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is??? He asked her a specific question, she gave a specific answer, and he has the audacity to be upset? Are we not allowed to have our own opinions? 
Hilton claimed that her answer alienated much of the nation and her answer should be representative of all Americans. Well, Americans are diverse and we all have different ideas, opinions, thoughts, values, and morals. We do not all agree on every single issue. He also said that she should have kept her "politics" out of her answer and given a more "politically correct" answer. Whaaat?! I'm sure that if she would have said she supported same-sex unions he wouldn't be outraged and telling her to "keep her politics out of it." 

Here's an article on CNN's website that speaks to this issue and that I can respect. 


Anonymous said...

I saw it, and I thought it was a great answer.

I agree that the whole situation is ridiculous.

Merari said...

I saw it and even though i agree with her saying what she really believes, she was so inarticulate and honestly, sounded pretty dumb. I would have given her a low score simply for that.

"you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage. In my country and my family i think that i believe... " come on. Opposite marriage??? you think you believe?

WRAWNG. lol.

but Perez is ridiculous. You judge a beauty pageant on beauty, not personal opinion/political correctness.

Anonymous said...

Merari: lol, I completely agree. Poor girl was probably feeling the heat on the spot. Yes, she could have said it better, but at least she said it! And the bottom line: Perez Hilton is a moron.

Leslie and Thomas said...

I've been following this too. I find it really interesting that the homosexual community shouts open-mindedness but when someone disagrees with their lifestyle they're the first to condemn. It really bugs me that they want everyone to be open-minded but only if it corresponds with their particular view. SO annoying. - Leslie

Heredes said...

Miss Cali had my vote ! :)

Screw politically correct ... it's about being Biblically Correct !


Lauren said...

I couldnt agree more with you Kristel. Hilton shouldn't have asked a question he wasnt ready to receive an answer to. Credit to Miss Cali...I wish more people would stand up for their beliefs.

alexita said...

i totally agree! this made me so angry when i saw it. i cant believe i used to read perez hilton lol! i stopped reading during the election when he was constantly bashing republicans (and conservatives in general) and now i just cant stand him! he's so irritating and he just loves to demean people. its really sad.

Jescel said...
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Jescel said...

Who would'a thunk that a beauty queen would dare stand up for Jesus? And someone from California at that? God really has a humor. She may not be the most eloquent person, but her character shined through. "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised". We need more young women like her..