Saturday, February 09, 2008 case you missed it...

I wanted to post up a youtube video of Mike Coia Band playing at Studio A last Wednesday. 
Check out Alex! He's the hottie playing the electric guitar. ;-)
I'm proud of him.

They're playing some more shows so check it out here

Also, they'll be playing at Studio A again on Match 7th...and I believe Alex will be playing with a band called Decembers Waiting as well. 
(What a pimp)
(the lead singer of this band is in high school...but he's so talented! I'm impressed.)

It's exciting to see my "hubby" playing with different bands. I know performing is what he likes best...and I'm glad he's getting the chance to perform with all these different people. Besides, we all know the main reason I got with him is because he plays guitar. ;-)

Love you, babe!


Merari said...


hopefully next time i'll be able to go "support local music" hehe.

Lauren said...

They sound pretty good.,,,Go Alex!

Anonymous said...

Go guitar man. Cool! Good music. Krista